Royal Sons frontman Blake Parish is a versatile vocalist, crooning like Sinatra one moment and screaming bloody murder the next, reaching deep into his gut-bucket and shoving air through his lungs like rusty nails ripping through sandpaper. I love that sound! Rock ’n’ roll screams have been shooting me full of adrenaline since I was a kid listening to Beatles 45-rpm records in my room. My fascination with the primal form of expression has never waned, and over the years I’ve had many “best screamers” debates with folks. I’m old school, and my favorite screamer is still Jim Morrison. His best bleats are found on live recordings and bootlegs rather than studio albums, although he nails a beautiful eruption at the eight-minute mark on “When the Music’s Over” on Strange Days (1967). Blake’s favorite screamer is a native Texan. Blake reveals his choice during this week’s episode, which we shoot at Lola’s Trailer Park, where Blake works as a bartender when he isn’t off jamming under the spotlights somewhere. Thanks for sharing your opinions and shrieks with us, Blake, and for being one of Fort Worth’s grooviest rock ’n’ roll animals. If you want to hear Blake and his bandmates display their psychedelic rock ‘n’ roll badassery, the Royals Sons play November 2 at Ridglea Theater with Spoonfed Tribe and Loyal Sally. — Jeff Prince