This week’s special guest called last minute to re-schedule, which happens sometimes because life. We understand. Show director Wyatt Newquist and I began to scramble to find a quick replacement guest until a brilliant idea struck. “Let’s do a Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Screamers Part II episode but featuring only Jim Morrison,” I said. “Who?” said Wyatt, who was born 25 years after Morrison died. “Jim Morrison of the Doors,” I said. Wyatt said nothing but looked at me like I was crazy. That’s when I knew we had us a show! Local percussionist Lukas Rodriguez joins in on the fun. Thanks for goofing off on the clock with us, Luke. Toast & Jam will return to its regular programming next week by featuring a local, fascinating, fun, not-dead guest who may or may not scream. — Jeff Prince


  1. I was fortunate to see The Doors twice in 1967. Once at The Oakdale Theater and at the Infamous New Haven Arena Show when Jim was arrested on stage. The Doors are my favorite band to this day. And Yes, Jim did his fair share of Sreaming at both shows!
    Kevin in Connecticut