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Day Two: Joe Palazzolo V FWISD

Day two of Joe Palazzolo’s appeal of his termination last fall by Superintendent Melody Johnson got off to a good start for the beleaguered former assistant principal and whistleblower at Arlington Heights High School on Frid...

Highlights of the Palazzolo/AHHS Hearings

 “I was told early in the investigation by someone in the [administration] to be afraid of Mr. Palazzolo. …To ‘be careful.’” —Testimony from Margaret Renfro, recent graduate of Arlington Heights High School and a w...

Needham Opens FWISD New Year With Name Calling “Fireworks”

From: Needham, Judy (Board Member) <JUDY.NEEDHAM@fwisd.org> Sent: Wednesday, December 29, 2010 2:23 PM To: Sutherland, Ann (Board Member) <Ann.Sutherland@fwisd.org>; (With copies to the other Fort Worth school board...

God’s Trombones Boom

Jubilee, celebrating its 30th anniversary, dusts off a holiday classic.
To celebrate its 30th anniversary season, Jubilee Theatre wanted to reach back into the past for a holiday show that was beloved by old-timers but that would also offer newcomers an alternative to the Nutcracker/Christmas Carol...


Artspace 111
Artspace 111 has a show of photographs by Jill Johnson and Billy Stone up through the new year. The two photographers specialize in landscapes around the Southwest and humorous looks at local culture, though Stone’s picture o...

Will FWISD Trustees Break Drilling Moratorium Deal Tonight?

Tonight, Tuesday, Dec. 14, a school board meeting will be held that  could affect gas drilling safety at 43 Fort Worth schools, almost half of them in the East and Southeast sides of the city. Parents and all interest...

Sharon Pate: 1, Melody Johnson: 0

In another setback for Fort Worth schools’ superintendent Melody Johnson, the Texas Education Agency this week cleared former Diamond Hill Elementary School math teacher Sharon Pate of the district’s charge that last spring...

To No One’s Surprise, Whistleblower Gets the Axe

After numerous impassioned and emotional speeches on his behalf, the Fort Worth school board last night voted 6-3 to fire Joe Palazzolo, the embattled ex- assistant principal and whistleblower at Arlington Heights High School. ...

Palazzolo Files Whistleblower Lawsuit

In the first round of lawsuits that may be about to hit the district over what he believes are retaliatory actions taken against him for reporting violations of the law at Arlington Heights High School last year, former Heights...

Nowhere Boy: It’s Real Love

Aaron Johnson kicks ass as the young John Lennon.
It’s mesmerizing to watch Aaron Johnson in Nowhere Boy. The extraordinarily pretty 20-year-old has been performing on screen since his childhood, but the native of High Wycombe, England, didn’t gain wide exposure until he p...