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Film Shorts

OPENING: The Devil’s Double (R) Dominic Cooper stars in this drama (based on real-life events) as both Uday Hussein and an Iraqi man hired to impersonate Saddam Hussein’s son for security purposes. Also with Ludivine Sagnie...

Film Shorts

OPENING: Killers (PG-13) Katherine Heigl stars in this action-comedy as a woman who discovers that her new husband (Ashton Kutcher) is actually a secret government agent being targeted by assassins. Also with Catherine O’Hara...

Cheapers Creepers

Writer-director Oren Peli’s Paranormal Activity has been labeled “the next Blair Witch Project” – meaning, essentially, horror’s new runaway phenomenon – and judging from audience reactions a...

Rupert Wates

Tom Geddie
Dear Life is another of those seriously sincere “arty” albums that respond to the times we live in, perhaps trying to make sense of it and certainly urging us to deal with societal, environmental, and personal trage...