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Off Asides On Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants

Jeff Prince
With Thanksgiving approaching, I’ll begin Off Asides this week by expressing gratitude and sincere homage to something very dear to my heart — the high-def, big-screen TV. Your colorful palette and non-glare visage ...

david goliath

Off Asides On Dallas Cowboys vs NY Giants

Jeff Prince
This David and Goliath story ended badly. First off, David forgot his slingshot. Secondly, his movements were encumbered by a huge goiter on his neck. He did bring a six-shooter — but shot all six rounds into his own foot...

Kardashian Sister Eying Miles Austin?

Jeff Prince
One of the Kardashian sisters is packing for her trip to Dallas to be with husband Lamar Odom, the newest member of the Dallas Mavericks. I can’t recall the name of this particular Kardashian sister but she’s the on...

Dallas Cowboys Should Follow This Winning Formula

Jeff Prince
Okay, Jerry Jones, I’m tired of your constant phone calls and emails begging me for advice on how to manage your underachieving football team. So here it is, my formula for a winning season next year. No. 1 – Get ri...

Dallas Cowboys Leapfrog To Abyss

Jeff Prince
Miles Austin’s impromptu leapfrog over Roy Williams in the end zone was really cool, but the uptight NFL rules committee just can’t stand for players to have a good time. But watch any NFL game — after every t...

Miles Austin Pro Bowl Shines On Jerry Jones

Jeff Prince
Remember this past off-season when Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was trumpeting the talent of Miles Austin for weeks on end? Austin was a restricted free agent at the time, entering his fourth season, looking for a decent pa...

Miles Austin Has Heart On … Taylor Swift

Jeff Prince
The Tiger Woods scandal is just a brilliant ruse to cover up the real sexual story of the year – Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin’s fantasies about teen singing sensation Taylor Swift. In this Cosmo “exclusive”...