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More Ron? Yes And No

Jeff Prince
The “comedy” of Daybreak talking head Ron Corning has got to stop. In the name of all that is sane and right, please make it stop. The whole “He’s Taking Over The Morning” campaign began earlier th...

Man Tramples Kid At Ballpark

Jeff Prince
If you’re thinking a 25-year-old man risking his life and falling three-stories just to nab a foul ball is one cerveza short of a six-pack, how about the actions of this other “adult” at last night’s Rangers...

Toby Keith Honor Signals Apocalpyse

Jeff Prince
Forget 2012 doomsday prophecies, the apocalypse has obviously begun already — Nashville Songwriters Association International has just named Toby Keith the songwriter/artist of the decade. Toby Effing Keith? My gawd. That...