The “comedy” of Daybreak talking head Ron Corning has got to stop.

In the name of all that is sane and right, please make it stop.

The whole “He’s Taking Over The Morning” campaign began earlier this year when Corning apparently ignored the advice of his career counselor and ditched the New York news market in favor of Dallas.

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Since then, the fact that “Corning” rhymes with “morning” has been a never-ending source of amusement to the good folks at Channel 8, if no one else.

The station has pummeled viewers with a series of painful commercials that feature sportscaster Dale Hanson welcoming and advising Corning in his new job.

Worse was the “More-Ron” ad campaign in which Corning is the only one who doesn’t realize he’s being called a moron.

That joke might get a chuckle at midnight…after 10 beers and a joint…if you were being tickled by a chimp wearing a tutu…and inhaling laughing gas.

Otherwise, not so much.

Now we have the “Rondezvous” ad campaign that has Corning unexpectedly entering a shower with a startled man.

Actually, that one’s kind of funny when Corning screams in unison with the man, but I’ve come to cringe so much at the sight of Corning that it’s tough to laugh along.

There is at least one thing about Corning that made me LOL.

It’s his biography at the WFAA web site, which includes this jewel:

“Corning was drawn to WFAA because of its reputation in Dallas and nationwide as the gold standard in television journalism.”

Now that’s funny!


  1. Damn! And I thought New York was home to the hateful blogger. At least living and working there prepared me for you! I appreciate your opionion, and don’t suspect much will change it, but feel free to drop me a line. I would like to share some background/additional information for context. In case you’re not too burned out on the topic to revisit it in the future, I think it’s important for you to know a little bit more about your subject. Best, Ron

  2. Go for it Jeff. Maybe an on-air interview will come out of this and we can plug our own FWW — a real news medium that does not have to resort to tasteless jokes or bad visuals to get folks to read us. In fact, rumor has it that we are so good that now the folks at city hall are calling us the “paper of record.”

  3. I emailed Ron yesterday but haven’t heard back from him yet.

    Betty if you’ve been reading my Blotch posts you know I’m not above tasteless jokes and bad visuals. But mine are funny.

  4. Now, this is interesting. So far only three people have responded to Mr. Prince’s trashing of Ron Corning: Mr. Prince, Ms. Brink, and Mr. Corning. I don’t consider what I am typing a “response” by any stretch of the imagination. However, I think an interview might prove interesting to watch. Mr. Corning, are you ready to do some verbal sparring with Mr. Prince?

  5. I still haven’t received a response from Ron after emailing him at his request. I’m interested in hearing the “background/additional information for context” to which he refers. More Ron! More Ron!