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Another Earthquake in Tarrant County? Yawn!

Thanks to years of reading about the grim consequences of human-made climate change, I’ve reconciled myself to bigger and scarier droughts, tornadoes, and thunderstorms here in North Texas. But not earthquakes. Nobody said gr...

Holy fracking water.

Numb and Dumber

A simple reason explains why Fort Worth Weekly was among the country’s first news media to point out that fracking by natural gas drillers could threaten water supplies, and yet regulatory agencies weren’t paying attention....


Fracktivism on the Hill

Talk about being green. The Hulk, or at least the actor who portrays the heroic beast in The Avengers, is heading to Washington, D.C., to battle the natural gas drilling industry — specifically, the practice of hydraulic frac...

NY Times Echoes FW Weekly

Jeff Prince
See, we at the Fort Worth Weekly aren’t the only ones worrying about the natural gas industry and the environmental shortcuts they take and the pollution and problems they cause. The New Y0rk Times, a major news voice of ...

Tsunami Damage A Natural Gas Boon?

Jeff Prince
Jim Cramer, host of CNBC’s “Mad Money,” says the tsunami that hit Japan and damaged several nuclear-powered reactors will be the death knell for nuclear energy and a boon for natural gas in that country. ̶...

Tracer Fluids Would Fingerprint Gas Drillers

Jeff Prince
The CSI: Crime Scene Investigation franchise, now in its 11 year, has been so popular for so long with its creative use of DNA analysis that I’m wondering why nobody pitched this idea before — establishing company-s...

Dinner And A Movie Anyone?

Jeff Prince
Anybody care to join me for dinner and a movie at 7 p.m.? I’ll soon be joining others at Studio Movie Grill in Arlington for a screening of Split Estate. Details here. Realize that my inviting you to the movie doesn’t m...

Bad Water-Foul Air O’Plenty In Barnett Shale

Jeff Prince
In addition to the pipeline explosion mentioned in Peter Gorman’s post, there have been all kinds of interesting stuff happening in the natural gas world in the past couple of days: Here’s an Associated Press story about st...