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Morning News Roundup, Sep 15

Jeff Prince
Police Seek Help In Finding Suspects A guy gets out of a black Mitsubishi Outlander Sport and cold-cocks another guy in a Wal-Mart parking lot, and then takes off. Marty Britton, 55, refused treatment at first, but later went t...


Morning News Roundup, Aug 10

Jeff Prince
Pilot Pulling Philadelphia Eagles Banner Didn’t Crash After All NJ.Com writer Matt Lombardo tweeted yesterday evening that Dallas Cowboys fans (and Cowboys rookie Greg Hardy) paid to have an airplane fly a “trash talking”...

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News Roundup: May 29, 2015

Jeff Prince
Let’s Saddle Up And Pedal Apparently legs can be used for something other than climbing into pickups and pushing accelerators. Fort Worth Bike Sharing recently expanded to 43 stations and 350 bikes, including a station in the...

YOU'RE GETTING SLEEPY, VERY SLEEPY. (courtesy wikimedia)

Off Asides On Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles, Dreams

Jeff Prince
Attending an after-hours party on Saturday night/Sunday morning means Off Asides is not in tip-top shape on Sunday night to deliver the world’s most insightful column on the Dallas Cowboys. This stark reality dawns on me when...


Off Asides On Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles

Jeff Prince
The Cowboys playoff destiny rested on the rusty arm of backup quarterback Kyle Orton, who Orton to have thrown that last pass. The offense had the ball at the end of the game, down by two points, but needing only about 35 yards...

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Off Asides On Dallas Cowboys vs. Philly

Jeff Prince
Okay, so it was like finding an old, severely injured eagle lying on the side of the road…and then beating it to death with a two-by-four. But, hey, the Cowboys showed heart. The ‘Boys of Christmases Past stumbled i...

Off Asides On Dallas Cowboys vs Philly

Jeff Prince
Sorry but there will be no Off Asides this week — the Cowboys didn’t play yesterday. Well, okay, they flew to Philadelphia. They visited the land of green monsters and rabid hysteria, where fans boo Santa Claus, hur...

Jen Floyd Engel Dodges Balls Of Hate

Jeff Prince
The last we heard of Jennifer Floyd Engel — the Little Ball of Hate, as she was known as Fort Worth Star-Telegram‘s longtime sports columnist — she’d left the paper in July without a word of farewell, no...

Michael Vick Fetches Catcalls For Key To Dallas

Jeff Prince
People are  peeeyissed off after Dallas Mayor Pro Tem Dwain Carraway gave a key to the city to Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick while the convicted dog murderer was visiting that city during Super Bowl festivities....

Cowboys, Wildcard, Super Bowl???

Jeff Prince
The dreamers among us are excited. They imagine that a two-game win streak after a coaching change has set off a chain of events that will lead to a 9-7 season record, wildcard playoff slot, and a Super Bowl berth for the Dalla...