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DONNA DOUGLAS IN 1967 (courtesy wikipedia)

Off Asides on Dallas Cowboys vs Detroit Lions, Chokers

Jeff Prince
Today’s Off Asides is devoted to Donna Douglas, an early TV crush for young men who grew up watching The Beverly Hillbillies. The sweet but fiery Elly May Clampett is now swimming in that big cement pond in the sky. (Is it wr...

Eagles Spit On Cowboys Star, Apologize, Dread

Jeff Prince
It’s official – the Philadelphia Eagles and their mouthy fans are trembling like baby Accipitridae. Their mojo is no-go leading up to Saturday night’s playoff game against the Dallas Cowboys. The Philadelphia Inquirer see...

You Want Fair?

Texas Christian University’s football program has achieved remarkable success in recent years. The Horned Frogs finished this year ranked fourth in the country – quite an accomplishment for a relatively small privat...