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Get Ready for SXFW

I don’t know if SXSW has added more bands or what, but as I’ve noted before (perhaps ad nauseum), the number of 817 artists scheduled to play sanctioned showcases this year –– “sanctioned” means “hand-picked by SX...

More FW at SXSW

As first reported on Blotch (Feb. 19, 2010), Arlington pianistic singer-songwriter Jessie Frye and Fort Worth’s rowdy, skuzzy, light-hearted hard-rock act Complete join Telegraph Canyon and Best Fwends (an electronic-punk...

JJ’s R.I.P.

As first reported on Blotch by longtime staff writer Eric Griffey (Sun., Jan. 3, 2010), the lovable J&J’s Blues Bar is closing its doors after 20-plus years. Owner Jim Schussler refused to discuss details with the Wee...