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Hundreds of supporters came out to Shipping and Receiving last Sunday to hear musicians from the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra. Photo by Lee Chastain.

Persevering for the Public

The Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra musicians may be on strike, but they aren’t being silent.
Edward Brown
It definitely wasn’t Bass Hall. As cool and rocking and rolling as Shipping & Receiving is, it’s not where you’d expect to hear music of the kind regularly produced by the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra. Well, now irre...


Summer, Summer, Summerthon

Saw a funny meme the other day. Above a picture of a chubby cat leaning out a window and looking casual was the phrase “Wants to join friends in shirtless summer fun.” Beneath: “But can’t because pizza.” For some reas...


… But Not an All-Female Time

Before you ask, no, you will never see an “all-male art show.” At least one that isn’t some sort of wink-wink statement. We dudes don’t need any help. We couldn’t have it any sweeter. And white guys? Shit, we hit the ...


2016 Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards

Fort Worth Weekly
Music Awards For this year’s Music Awards issue, we decided to do something different. Instead of a couple of sentences about each nominee –– all nine million of them –– we thought we’d take the temperature of the s...

War Party

Live Concert Review: Dreamy Life Records’ Group Therapy Volume 3 at Shipping & Receiving

Jasun Lee
“The storm starts when the drops start dropping, When the drops stop dropping then the storm starts stopping” – Dr. Seuss Thanks to the incredibly inconsistent weather patterns spring has laid upon North Texas, planni...


“Untitled,” How Much for One Rib? or 100 Reasons I Didn’t Go to the Cheap Art Show.

Christopher Blay
In Keenan Ivory Wayans’ “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka,” there’s an exchange between a barbecue restaurant owner, played by Isaac Hayes, and Chris Rock’s character, who tries to bargain for food by asking the owner to sel...

Nearly 700 art fans visited Shipping and Receiving’s Tilt Room last weekend to view 135 works by 63 artists as part of the pop-up art show Exhibitionists. Photo by Shane Green.

Exhibitionists on the Move

A new collective of young artists is taking its DIY show to a high-end gallery.
Exhibitionists, a recent pop-up art show at Shipping & Receiving, featured some familiar names, but it mainly served as a platform for new, emerging artists. That may not seem like a revolutionary concept, but in a city whe...


Soundcheck 817: Feletha Black at Shipping & Receiving

Eric Griffey
Most of the Feletha Black crew sat down for a chat and a song. They’ll be on stage at 6:15 tomorrow at Shipping & Receiving as a part of the Exhibitionists show, featuring 60 visual artists, seven bands, food trucks, ...

Wilkinson’s installation piece was on display during Bobby on Drums at Shipping & Receiving.

Art, Money, and Love

All the news these days seems to be about connecting Fort Worth’s underground with its institutions.
Eric Griffey
Institutional Support Is Coming? Fort Worth has plenty of great artists, but it hasn’t traditionally been a nurturing place for young talent. For every Nancy Lamb-type success story, there are a dozen equally skilled painters...


Blues Around the Clock

I’ve done my research. I know. No matter how young you are, you will not be the youngest person at the Bedford Blues & BBQ Festival this Friday-Sunday. My facts? Get comfy. A few weeks after I moved to Fort Worth from Hou...