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World Cup Update (The Payback Edition)

Kristian Lin
I watched Jersey Boys immediately after USA’s rousing victory over Ghana, so it’s possible my review of the movie may have been colored by that. I don’t think so, but it’s possible. Let’s get to what we’ve learned n...

Food Fight!

Jimmy Fowler
File this under “Stuff You Don’t See Every Day”: This afternoon (Tue May 24 at 5:30pm), Fort Worth’s Central Market will attempt to recreate “La Tomatina,” the famous annual tomato fight that happens on the east coa...

Los Reyes de Fútbol

Kristian Lin
The only one who emerges from this World Cup unbeaten is Paul the Octopus. Congratulations! Congratulations, too, to Spain, who won the European championship two years ago and now are world champions as well. Seven nations are ...

Travel Notes from Spain

Kristian Lin
My recent absence from this blog was due to my vacation in Spain, so I thought I’d report back on what I’ve seen. Seville was the first European city I visited that made me think, “I could live here.” It’s fascinating...

Cool Catalans

Kristian Lin
Three years ago Woody Allen left New York for London and made his first good movie in a decade, Match Point.