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Slimmer Streets

Forest Park Boulevard is headed for a diet, but not everyone’s happy.
Eric Griffey | Photos By Lee Chastain
In the fall of 2009, Mistletoe Heights resident Susan Pressley was waiting at the intersection of Park Place Avenue and Forest Park Boulevard with her two children and a neighbor’s daughter. Pressley was walking the kids to L...

A Streetcar Named Perspire

Last Call
About 9 a.m. last Tuesday, I popped out of a dead sleep with the nagging suspicion that I was already late for something really important. I couldn’t think of what it was, so I shut my eyes again, but then I heard this huge f...


John Q. Reader
To the editor: As I gaze from my sixth-floor window and watch automobiles zipping east and west, north and south, free as the breeze, I see freedom in motion. Fort Worth is a city on the go, where its people are as free as high...


Fort Worth’s streetcar debate was about more than money and trains.
DAN MCGRAw photos by lee chastain
Just about a year ago, a modern streetcar system in Fort Worth seemed likely, even imminent. The city had been studying streetcars for 15 years, and the panels and task forces of prominent business leaders were gung ho. A major...

Sneak Peek at the Streetcar

Anthony Mariani
Weekly publisher Lee Newquist got a sneak peek of the streetcar model that will be unveiled at 2:15 p.m. today (Wednesday) at the Trinity River Vision Authority, 307 W. 7th St. The event will afford the public the opportunity t...

Cultural Congestion

Amid some strange comments from the city council about modern streetcar lines not being “culturally” compatible with Fort Worth, the city’s streetcar consultant this week laid out a plan for starter lines for that public ...

Tearing up the Track

Transit advocates are hot over attempts to reject federal streetcar money.
Three weeks ago, a city-hired engineering firm released its first study on modern streetcars, identifying six possible routes that Fort Worth should consider. These would connect downtown with the Cultural District, the Near So...

Fort Worth Misses the Streetcar

Though Fort Worth and Dallas filed a joint application for federal funds, only Dallas got the nod.
When federal officials announced the recipients of a new grant program for transportation projects last month, a lot of consternation raged in this part of North Texas. Although Fort Worth and Dallas had submitted a joint appli...

Transfer from If to When

Five years ago, no one in Fort Worth was thinking much about public transportation, particularly an inner-city streetcar system. Real estate developers, assuming that only poor people used mass transit, didn’t want any li...

Out of the Depot

The push for an inner-city rail system builds up a little steam.
When local real estate developers started testing the waters for a light-rail system in Fort Worth a few years ago, Mayor Mike Moncrief wasn’t interested.