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Robert Earl Keen Chats Up Cowtown

Jeff Prince
When Robert Earl Keen sang about catching a five-pound bass in the 1980s, who coulda thunk he’d ever be singing it in a place as fancy as Bass Hall? This Friday marks Keen’s seventh annual visit for an “Eve of New Yea...

Toby Keith Award Equals Apocalypse II

Jeff Prince
Some folks are wondering why I have such a poison pen for their hero. They can’t believe I would compare Toby Keith’s winning a songwriter of the decade award to an apocalypse. (And by the way, where was Kanye West when...

Toby Keith Honor Signals Apocalpyse

Jeff Prince
Forget 2012 doomsday prophecies, the apocalypse has obviously begun already — Nashville Songwriters Association International has just named Toby Keith the songwriter/artist of the decade. Toby Effing Keith? My gawd. That...