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The Nightmare Underground

A group that the Associated Press has called a “green dream team” of policy experts and scientists has concluded that the future is anything but green for groundwater resources in many parts of our country, thanks t...

Greening the Gas Field?

In North Texas these days, it seems like you can’t drive 50 feet down the highway – or even a neighborhood feeder road – without spotting another gas well or compressor station or a well pad waiting to be dril...

Inhale, Inhale

OK, it’s time for New Year’s resolutions: Lose weight; check. Cut back on the vino; check. Be kinder to strangers; check. And … die quicker from cigarettes; check.

Spending the Planet

I’m not a big fan of most conservatives. Historically speaking, they are – to put it bluntly – too often on the wrong side of history.

Bad Water-Foul Air O’Plenty In Barnett Shale

Jeff Prince
In addition to the pipeline explosion mentioned in Peter Gorman’s post, there have been all kinds of interesting stuff happening in the natural gas world in the past couple of days: Here’s an Associated Press story about st...

Hypocrisy in the Air

Static is underwhelmed with the news, reported last Friday on WFAA-TV/Channel 8, that the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has discovered elevated levels of cancer-causing benzene “in the air near some natural ga...

Dirty Dish

In the last few years, since gas compressor stations arrived in the Denton County town of DISH, Jim Caplinger, 61, has developed a nervous disorder. He’s anxious much of the time, he said, and finds himself constantly tap...


The Gallery Night exhibits continue at FWCAC through the end of the month. They include Susan Harrington’s works on paper, F. David Gibson’s abstract paintings, a collection of woven cloth pieces, and sketches by th...

The Big Takeover

It’s been a tough spring and summer for the gas drilling industry’s public image.

Rich Get Wetter

Jeff Prince
NBC Channel 5 did a story last night on Metroplex residents who use the most water at their homes. Rich folks are either drinking a whole lot of single malt scotch and water on ice, or they are maintaining huge, lush freaking S...