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Soundcheck 817: Tim Locke of Calhoun at the Kimbell Art Museum’s Piano Pavilion Auditorium

Eric Griffey
Tomorrow is Kimbell Fest: Scotland at the Kimbell Art Museum of Fort Worth. It’s a free event featuring art, activities, bagpipes, admission to the “Botticelli to Braque” exhibition, face painters, and some pr...

Lady Agnew

If It’s Not Scottish, It’s Crap (A Preview of Kimbell Fest: Scotland)

Laurie Barker James
If your sum total of knowledge about Scotland consists only of Mike Meyers impersonating Sean Connery in that SNL skit where he pronounces anything that’s not Scottish as “crap,” and, ummm, Scotch, then you might be surpr...

Having just released their third album, Whiskey Folk Ramblers are preparing to hit the road.

Ramblin’ Men

The Lonesome Underground ain’t your father’s Whiskey Folk Ramblers.
Although it’s been three years since Whiskey Folk Ramblers’ last long-player, … And There Are Devils, the North Texas quintet’s patented John Steinbeck-meets-Tom Waits atmospherics are fully intact on the alt-Americana ...


Whiskey Folk Ramblers Tonight

Jeff Prince
Friday on the Green will be thumped by the beguiling, booze-soaked sounds of the Whiskey Folk Ramblers tonight. Seems as good a way as any to start the weekend Cozy Hawks and The Longshots will open. The last Friday on the Gree...



Headed to Austin this week? See some Fort Worth music. Or else.
Since the late 1990s, when I first started attending South by Southwest, I’ve complained so much about the annual music festival and conference that you’d think I was talking about some family reunion I’d been forced to g...

Whiskey Folk April-Fooled Us

They’re not breaking up, as reported by me a couple of days ago.  So that’s egg on my face. I guess that’s one way to promote a show. Well done, jerks.

Whiskey Folk Ramblers Calling it Quits

The beloved Whiskey Folk Ramblers, perennial Fort Worth Weekly Music Award nominees,  have decided to break up. According to bassist Jack Russel, the band has “personal troubles.” Their second album, “And The...

Weekender for Fri., Oct. 23

Anthony Mariani
On Saturday, you’ve got the Whiskey Folk Ramblers, Quaker City Nighthawks (from Sioux Falls), and Room Sound at The Moon (2911 W Berry St, by TCU, 817-926-9600), and Los Noviembres at the Scat (111 W 4th St, Sundance Square, ...