Before any of y’all call my boy Tahiti a sell-out, let this marinate: There is no such thing as selling out, especially if people know that you’re actually taking an artistic step forward.

OK, so from around this time last year ’til a couple-a months ago, the Fort Worth rapper had released a totally groovy disc of bohemian hip-hop, won the Weekly Music Award for best rap/R&B, and spent some time onstage at an Eastside speakeasy along with dudes from funked-out granola-rockers Confusatron, Pablo and the Hemphill 7, and Darth Vato. And now he and two other young brothas, Pikahso and Picnic, are collectively known as PPT and are the authors of “We’re Rowdy, Loud, and Proud,” the Dallas Mavericks’ new fight song. After a drawn-out process that began weeks ago, PPT’s track recently beat out offerings from The Feds, Honchie, Lazer, and about a dozen other Fort Worth-Dallas bands. During halftime late last month at the American Airlines Center, the trifecta of rappers performed its winning entry to about 20,000 people. Now, excuse me, Mr./Ms. Local Indie Purist Musician: When was the last time you played to a packed arena? That’s what I thought.

Not that performing for thousands of woozy sports nuts automatically means you’re the next Lennon-McCartney – we’ve all seen the Super Bowl’s nauseating halftime shows – but in PPT’s case, there’s a chance that “We’re Rowdy, Loud, and Proud” could help the crew break out. The song is fun and snappy like an Outkast joint, and Tahiti is Tahiti. A talented dude like him isn’t gonna pass up the opportunity to do bigger, better things. PPT performs Friday in Dallas at MaxiMedia Studios, 13300 Branch View Ln. as part of a Black Party, which just means you gotta wear black clothing, with The Strange Fruit Project, Mr. Blakes, and Verbal Seed. Tickets are $15 at the door, $10 pre-sale. For more info, call the studio at 917-488-8814. Expect a record from PPT next month. Until then: Go, Mavs!


… At the other end of the music spectrum – like, by the hallucinogens – the Metrognome Collective (1518 E. Lancaster Ave.) welcomes to town San Francisco sound artist and master percussionist Stephen Flinn, who’s just passing through as part of his Bald Ambition tour. (The name is a snarky take-off on Madonna’s Blond Ambition tour of 1990 – Flinn is bald.) Also on the bill tonight (Wednesday) is _statictrio, an equally trippy sound-slash-artful-noise project helmed by Fort Worth’s Terry Horn that will be celebrating the release of a new c.d. Visit or call the Collective at 817-810-9777.

… Fort Worth’s second annual Rock Camp USA is accepting applications for upcoming summer programs. Along with Berklee College of Music grad and killer jazz drummer Dave Karnes, fellow Rock Camp chief Lee Allen says he has a murderer’s row of instructor talent lined up already. For more info, e-mail or call 817-732-2208. … Normally, a new record isn’t a huge deal, but since Fort Worth-via-New Orleans rapper BigShott has lived through Hurricane Katrina and has been at work on his debut album, Official, for, like, a hundred years, I gotta give him some props. It comes out next month. Visit

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