Last week, we were the first to report that the Dallas Observer and music editor Sam Machkovech had parted ways. Turns out, the DO was doing all the parting.

Mack was fired, allegedly not by anyone at the Observer but by someone high up the chain of command at Village Voice Media, DO’s parent company. I guess bigwigs can monitor some aspects of an employee’s performance virtually, but as for the intangibles that go into being an effective cultural journalist, as Machkovech was: definitely cannot. I doubt anyone at Voice headquarters bothered to ask the inhabitants of Mack’s beat what they thought of him. Were they informed by him? Enlightened? Enraged? Emboldened? Most importantly, did they read his work regularly? I bet if they had been asked, a bunch would have answered yes to every question.

This past Sunday, the suddenly jobless reporter appeared on The Good Show (Sun 9-midnight, KTCU/88.7-FM The Choice). The most significant tidbit from his fireside chat: the forthcoming launch of his new blog, (Though there’s no “MediumFW” in the address, Mackovich promises he’ll continue covering the 817.) The web site is bare bones now, but Machkovech said that by the end of this month, he’ll be serving up enough local music-related info to choke a lion – or a corporate fat cat. … Side note: I’ve been covering music here in Tarrant County for about five years, and I’ve been invited to TGS studio – what? – three times. Sheesh.

Knockouts 300x250 Terry

Machkovech’s been spending a little time in Cowtown over the past year, and he’s already been on the show as many times as I have. Thanks, “Good” Show guys. (You know I love y’all.) … For a while back there, the “sex” part of “sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll” had unceremoniously been given the boot by “heartfelt relationships.” But a few local R&B/garage trios are willing and able to put us back on the right, dirty track. Take Valhalla: Most of their songs somehow always boil down to dancing in the sheets, and on the cover of the young threesome’s new e.p. is an image of a guy and girl naked together; what appears to be the man’s erect member is clearly visible. Another, The Red Herrings: Young turks whose tunes may not speak directly to intercourse but are pumping, grungy, and sticky, like sex among three or more professionals on a highway rest stop picnic bench. Yet another and the most Led Zeppelin-y of the bunch, The Villains: The two songs posted on are “Red Light Hooker” (as opposed to an illegally acquired hooker, clearly) and “Thigh High.”

All three bands are performing this weekend. There’s absolutely no reason why any concert-goer should go home unaccompanied. The Villains and The Red Herrings play tomorrow (Thu) with Odis at Andy’s Bar, 122 N Locust St, in Denton (940-565-5400). Valhalla plays Fri with Flickerstick, Black Tie Dynasty, and The Burning Hotels at The Aardvark, 2905 W Berry St (817-926-7814). The gig is the first of a two-night stand by Flick. On Saturday, they play with The Color of May, Calhoun, and Stella Rose.

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