As you may (or may not) have noticed, Will Rogers Memorial Center Auditorium is on its way to becoming a bona fide rock venue, kind of like our very own Gypsy Tea Room, in Dallas, minus the gross floors and stinky bathrooms.

Marquee hipster bands slated to perform at the Will over the next several weeks include The All-American Rejects, Barenaked Ladies, Drums and Tuba, The Damnwells, and Primus. Along with the Fort Worth Convention Center, the Will belongs to the City of Fort Worth and has hosted big rock acts in the past, such as Beck, Morrissey, and The Flaming Lips, but never on such a consistent basis. The force behind the surge in cool, young bands is AEG. A multi-national entertainment company that owns and operates different-sized venues in St. Louis, Nashville, New York, Seattle, Los Angeles, Houston, Columbia, S.C., and Dallas, AEG also puts on big productions across the country at other companies’ facilities.

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