Did Alec Baldwin not read my previous post (“If This Post Offends…I Don’t Care,” May 15, 2009) about how lame it is to make a joke or just say what’s on your mind and then turn around and apologize once people get their noses out of joint?

So now, according to the Associated Press, Baldwin is saying sorry for cracking a joke about ordering a Filipino mail-order bride, which pissed off some Philippine politician.

Reminds me of something Baldwin once told his 13-year-old daughter (you know, the one he called a “thoughtless little pig” and “pain in the ass” on that telephone answering machine message that got leaked to the press a couple years ago). Back then, while trying to get his kid to pick up her phone, he hollered, “It takes brass balls to answer my call!”


Well, it takes brass balls to tell the humorless politician to get a life, pal.


  1. This whole topic of false public contrition is another reason I love Kathy Griffin. She’ll get fired from a gig or lose a contract rather than take back something she sincerely believes. In her words: “I don’t apologize, mother. That’s why I’m different.”

  2. I don’t know why so many people seem to think Foreign Brides are bad? I think it is great that two people can find each other even though they live worlds apart