Fort Worth native son Randy Bacon paints some of the coolest panoramic landscapes and cityscapes you’ve ever seen. His huge canvases, true colors, and birds-eye realism can really make you stop in your tracks and go, “Holy cow, I feel like I’m right there.”

Some critics dismiss this kind of art, but I think it’s great. Realism in huge visual proportions can be breathtaking in its own way and Bacon’s art never fails to move me.

It’s only fitting then that Bacon was one of eight artists to be chosen for Texas In Art: Texas Aesthetics II. The works capture style and subject matter reflective of past Texas masters, said William Reaves, the Houston art dealer who is reprising last year’s event.

SummerOfCirque 300x250

Joining Bacon in the exhibit are artists Jon Flaming (Dallas), William Young (Palestine), Robert Harrison (San Antonio), Travis Keese (Kerrville), and Houston artists Hunter George, Erik Sproghe, and Richard Stout.

Meet the artists tomorrow (Saturday) May 23 at the gallery’s reception from 6 to 9 pm at William Reaves Fine Art, 2313 Brun St., Houston, 77019. Author and Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum curator Michael Grauer will give a gallery talk.