A memorial service for Robin O’Hagan will be held at noon Tuesday (June 2) at The Bull Ring, the historic beer and ice cream parlor next to the White Elephant Saloon in the Stockyards where O’Hagan’s husband, Bill Mackey, works.

“Robin liked this building and she liked coming here,” Mackey said. “Everybody at the Stockyards who knows Robin and me can come down here on their break. People can come and hang out.”

O’Hagan, a beloved figure in the Stockyards, was killed in a Memorial Day car crash in northwest Fort Worth.


A reader told Fort Worth Weekly that a red light camera at the intersection where the crash occurred should be able to show what happened prior to the crash.

I asked police Sgt. Rodney Bangs about this and he responded: “According to Det. Sorrels there is no red light camera at that intersection. What they are seeing is the sensor for the Fire Department’s light changing device. If the intersection has a red light camera then it will be clearly marked with a sign.”