Bruce Wood will choreograph an original piece for Texas Dance Theatre.
Bruce Wood will choreograph an original piece for Texas Dance Theatre.

Our dance critic, Leonard Eureka, wasn’t exactly enthusiastic about the recent debut of Texas Dance Theatre. He wasn’t cruel, just kind of blah. But Leonard might be singing a different tune come September, when the theatre will premiere a piece choreographed by Balanchine-trained dancer, choreographer, and native Fort Worthian Bruce Wood. “The TDT 2009-10 schedule will be a season of choreographers,” said TDT artistic director Wil McKnight, “and it is only fitting that someone of [Wood’s] caliber be on the program for the season opener. It will be great to see [Wood’s] work back on a Fort Worth stage.”

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Wood had his own company for several years but had to close up shop after a major source of funding dried up. Bruce Wood Dance Company was one of the most acclaimed purveyors of Modern dance in the entire Southwest.

Uh-Oh, Waco

The filmmakers behind Waco, a dramatization of the 1993 standoff at the Branch Davidian compound, have asked the state for tax incentives to finish filming the movie instate and have been denied –– the state has the right to deny funding to films in which Texans are portrayed negatively. Texas film commissioner, Bob Hudgins, told the Hollywood Reporter that, “as mandated by his job, he took the script to law enforcement and front-line journalists and had them review its accuracy. The answers came back negative.” The filmmakers say that Hudgins has yet to specify what the alleged inaccuracies are. The commission introduced tax incentives in 2007 and had yet to deny them to any movie. The state stands to lose out on jobs and millions of dollars in revenue generated by production costs.

So You Wanna Be a Writer, Eh?

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