Did anybody else watch ABC News’ “Earth 2100” last night? This was one of the most interesting TV shows I’ve seen in a while, even though it gave me a bad dream later.

Combining documentary with fiction, live action with animation, and science with conjecture, the two-hour show explored how some experts predict the next century could be our last because of population explosion, climate change, and resource depletion – unless we act swiftly and decisively starting now.

Even though much of the show was speculative, there was enough science and common sense involved to make anybody fret about what kind of world we’re headed for without greening up.

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Fort Worth Weekly has written much much much over the years about our dwindling water supplies. Still, it seems like most people today have their heads buried in the sands and either don’t care about their fingerprint on the Earth, or are too shallow to realize we are living in a fragile place these days.

People who run their water sprinklers in the rain, water their sidewalks and curbs rather than sweeping them, bitch about water rationing, move outside the city and try to establish a St. Augustine paradise in a five-acre yard, or show similar lack of respect for Mother Earth ought to have “MORON” permanently tattooed on their foreheads.


  1. Yes, I did… I thought it was very interesting… The Segment about the Water Situation is Very Real… We Will Run out of Good Drinking Water

  2. Didn’t get to see the program, unfortunately. Back in 1995 when I was pounding those green, grassy yards canvassing for Texas Citizen Action, I found it terribly interesting to learn that water would be THE MOST sought after resource by the 2010. Seemed so far away, then….but to see it coming to it’s fruition is a sad, sad affair.

  3. Just more Enviro-Whacko Left-wing Liberal Claptrap

    The Earth was around (and had these same supposed “problems”) a long time before Man was on the face of her and she’ll still be here, going through the same kind of so-called “climate changes” a long time after we’re gone.

    Enough with the bogus Junk Science of “man-made” climate change!

    The Enviromental Movement: Home of displaced Communists everywhere…

  4. Hey Travasaurus,

    Of course the Earth will be around. The question is whether humans will be around. If we don’t act, there will probably be a lot fewer of us and life will be nothing like it is today. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it ain’t so.