If you’ve been involved with the FW music and film scene during the last 15 years or so (especially the Ridglea), you probably know Melissa Kirkendall. She’s been a business owner/booker/manager/filmmaker/artistic director working with all kinds of Tarrant County and national artists. She’s set to go on national tour with her documentary about 1960s teen scene bands called ”Teen A Go-Go”.

To celebrate her 20th anniversary as a Fort dweller (her first area job was a 1989 stint as a Hurst city pool life guard, and she’s been smitten with the locals ever since), Kirkendall has booked two “open to friends, enemies, and the indifferent” evenings at Lola’s. The first is a Monday June 15 “Shakes the Clown” party with live acoustic music. The second is a Saturday June 20 show with The Me Thinks and Mockingbird Cartel. To know Kirkendall is to be impressed with her energy, dedication, and range of interests. To meet her is as easy as introducing yourself at Lola’s.