Last night, Tim Love owner/chef of Lonesome Dove Western Bistro and Love Shack, and winner of the Food Network’s “Iron Chef,” competed on the Bravo network’s new show “Top Chef Masters.” The show takes established chefs and puts them through the same rigmarole as competitors on Bravo’s “Top Chef.” For those who haven’t seen either, it’s a cooking competition that tests the chef’s creativity and knowledge, and every competition has a twist. For example, last night, the chefs had to prepare their multi-course meals in a college dorm room, using only a hot-plate and a microwave to cook with.

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[Spoiler Alert] Love acquitted himself well, but came in third out of four chefs. He did make one huge mistake. Before the final competition, Love accidentally stored his food in the freezer instead of the refrigerator (this guy is supposed to be a master, right?). He did, however, turn around a potential disaster. Love changed his menu on the fly, and cranked some pretty good-looking food out of that dorm room. One of the judges even commented on how her respect for him grew after hearing of the calamity, and complimented him on his ability to think on his feet. It does beg the question: How well would he have done had he not of made the mistake?

If you would like to check out Love’s fine work, Bravo will be airing the show another million or so times.