The angriest and most aggressive, according to a new survey, are in New York City, which means that the angriest, most aggressive drivers really are in Dallas-Fort Worth –– New York City, with its tight streets and city-intersecting thoroughfares, and its millions of people and buildings stuffed into such a geographically tiny area, is laid out unlike any other city in the world and must be treated as its own entity. (Driving in the Big Apple, BTW, is exhilarating. You can’t go 20 feet without having to blare your horn either to keep someone from cutting you off or to tell the person next to you that you’re going to cut his ass off. Yellow-bellied or slow drivers are advised to stick to the subway and/or the back seats of cabs.)


By “angry,” the conductors of the survey mean: prone to lash out at “bad” drivers by honking horns, cussing, or giving the one-fingered salute. What pisses off all “good” drivers the most is sharing the road with someone on a fucking cell phone. Other triggers include fast drivers, people eating behind the wheel, and people texting behind the wheel. People who put on makeup behind the wheel or shave (!) are also idiots.

What’s not in there is people who turn without signaling, which evidently is some sort of source of pride in Texas. I guess that some folks here think that getting rammed in the bumper is cool or “frontiersman-like” or something. It’s so not. Use your damn turn signal!


  1. This is crazy. I have lived in Dallas all my life and we are so much better we hate bad drivers yes but we are sooooo much better than houston drivers

  2. I worked in the Detroit area for a while and had numerous project sites throughout the ghetto. After the massive influx of people into the city in the morning, the late afternoon rush hour is crazy as there is a mass exodus of people out of Downtown & the ghetto back to the suburbs. People are especially edgy during that late afternoon rush hour out of Detroit!

  3. I agree with this survey. Having lived in California, Rhode Island, Washington, Hawaii, Virginia and Texas, travelled throughout the world I must concur – the DFW area is the WORST!

  4. I agree on the turn signal!! We have them for a reason.

    This study did not surprise me as the other day I had a man flip me off because I got in front of him on the Tollway (slow moving traffic, and had my signal on for a good amount of time) but apparently this incensed him enough that a few miles later when I was trying to exit, and at least 10 cars whizzed past me while I had my signal on trying to get into the right-hand lane, the fact that I again happened to move in front of him was morally offensive. Never mind that he had just moved into that lane himself!

  5. Funny story. And on an unrelated note, here’s a tip for all you bad drivers out there: If there’s construction up ahead and you’re being forced into a single lane, and you’re in the lane that has to merge over, go as far as you can to the merge point AND THEN merge. Don’t stop two miles back! Which will do nothing but back traffic up even farther! Go ALLLLL the way up to the merge point. Thank you and have a nice day.

  6. I’ve never driven through DFW, but I Live in Tacoma ,Wa (So of Seattle) and the problem I have is people who get PO’d because I choose to bypass half mile line of cars lined up to merge, while I cruise all the way to the front and then merge . Why the hell would I wait 10 minutes when I don’t need to,
    Many people here are just too passive agressive,and often too regimented and compliant. So they get angry when you’re not!