Regrettably, I was not among the 500 Twitter-alerted fans to snag seats for the Jonas Brothers’ interview at Cowboys Stadium. I have little interest in the stadium, and even less in Kevin, Joe, and Nick. (The thought of being invited to a fan meet and greet with a double whopper with cheese and jalapenos is more enticing. In case you’re wondering about that segue, check out the sponsor of the Bros’ world tour). I also wish them well for however long the ride lasts – by now, they’re probably sick of middle-agers sneering at the next generation’s musical tastes. And if this pompous, derivative, talent-free hack is the best their grandparents can come up with, then rawk on, Tres Hermanitos!

No, I missed seeing live and in person one of my favorite wastes of time, interviewer Larry King. He has always appealed to me as the last professional survivor of that Cuban cigar-smoking, three martini lunch-attending, serially divorced (in his case, SEVEN TIMES!!) chat-show generation that included Johnny Carson, Ed McMahon, and Merv Griffin. (Maybe that’s what’s wrong with the world – nobody gets the nickname “Merv” anymore). Yeah, King lobs softballs during interviews, but he gave a defense of his laidback style in a recent appearance on Bill Maher’s show that amounted to: “People tune in to see my guests, not me. It’s my job to draw them out and then let them explain themselves. Constantly interrupting, hyper-opinionated hosts annoy me.” Maher didn’t get the irony, but good job, Lar. The Jonas Brothers’ Cowboys Stadium interview is set to be broadcast Thursday night on CNN.