One of a couple of local artists who, IMHO, should have been a nominee in this year’s Music Awards (in Avant-Garde/Experimental, specifically) but isn’t is Alex Atchley, ex of the Alex Atchley Experience. His new band, Alex Atchley & the Bad Times, has a couple of new tunes up here. Very ‘80s-y and syth-heavy. Out-there but still accessible. (Just FYI: The song “The Necromancer” is not a cover of the Rush classic of the same name.) AA&TBT remind of another Music Awards shoulda-been, Nathan Browningham. However, in defense of the Music Awards nominating committee –– comprising a couple dozen local-music know-it-alls, booking agents, and club owners, among other types –– Browningham (né Brown) just only recently got back into town. He had moved away to Little Rock. The singer-songwriter purveys a no-frills brand of groovy, smooove jazz, which, in itself, wouldn’t be noteworthy except for the fact that Browningham is white, blond, and bearded, looking more like a Euro-Jesus than, say, Billy Ocean, one of Browningham’s obvious influences. (Browningham also does made-up cheers and fight songs.)

Idol Records has just signed Trey Johnson, former Sorta frontman. His debut album, Mount Pelee, is coming out late next month and will feature contributions from Shibboleth members James Driscoll, Rich Martin, and Don Cento (formerly of Brad Thompson and the Undulating Band, a big ‘90s-era Fort Worth act). The record will be produced by Stuart Sikes, who’s worked with Fort Worthians Dove Hunter and Calhoun in addition to a few little bands you may have heard of like Modest Mouse, The White Stripes, and Cat Power.