With any luck, Paula Abdul will be gone from next season’s American Idol, and I say that not because of any dislike for Abdul, but because adding a fourth judge almost ruined last season.

Having three judges was already pushing the limits of usefulness, particularly since Simon Cowell is the only one who makes any sense.

The show already signed new judge Kara DioGuardi to a contract for next season. So even though the slightly annoying Abdul is easier for me to take than the super-annoying DioGuardi, well, that’s the way the “kookie” crumbles. Axe the nutjob.


Another season with four judges babbling on endlessly will kill the goose that laid the golden egg, if it hasn’t already.

Here’s a fun clip of what appears to be a drunken Abdul during a 2007 interview:

Of course, Abdul is a Catholic schoolgirl compared to some other celebs that have appeared intoxicated during past interviews: