This morning, I saw my first RadioShack TV commercial about its new nickname “The Shack.”

It was only 15 seconds long but almost put me to sleep.

“Our friends call us The Shack” was the commercial’s explanation for the name change.


I gotta admit I’ve never ever heard anyone refer to RadioShack as “The Shack.” I’m not sure I even know anybody who’s visited a RadioShack store.

The blogosphere is circulating with critics of the Fort Worth-based company, and there is speculation that this latest marketing campaign as a desperate attempt by an outdated company to remain relevant in a changing industry.

Check out this and this on The Shack.

I loved this comment left by a reader at the end of an online Advertising Age story: “Was ‘Obscure Batteries Sold by Creepy Nerds Who Want Your Address’ already taken?”