Crue members show you their "Oh, oh, oooh!" faces.
Crue members show you their "Oh, oh, oooh!" faces.

A friend of mine back home up north saw Motley Crüe a year or two ago when the legendary hair-metal band went through Pittsburgh and said lead singer Vince Neil was so out of shape that he had to stand perfectly still to sing –– otherwise, he was gasping for air like a big-boned grouper out of water. Evidently, the peroxide blond with the screechy/gravelly voice isn’t as heavy as he was back then, when he, Tommy Lee, Nikki Sixx, and Mick Mars decided to make a comeback. The timing was impeccable. The terrestrial commercial radio corporation-station Jack FM had just begun filling airwaves all over North America –– from Vancouver to Florida –– with selections from an incredibly diverse playlist. Everything from Train to the Crüe, Def Leppard to New Order to practically all points in between is spun. Around the same time, iTunes and its nearly limitless selection of songs was sending new iPod owners to friends and blogs for download recommendations, initiating most non-Jack commercial radio stations’ current slouch toward obsolescence. Bands such as the Crüe –– Def Lep, Styx, Duran Duran –– discovered that, even though most of them hadn’t written a note of original material in nearly a decade, they had been given a whole new mess o’ fans to milk for retirement money. The good news about that Pittsburgh show is that the band rocked. Catch the Crüe tomorrow (Saturday) night at Center 1818 1st Av, Dallas. 214-373-8000). Godsmack, Theory of a Deadman, and Drowning “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor” Pool are opening. Tix are $29.50-95.

(SMTX)FTW-300x250-NOV17Other good shows:

Zack Walther and The Cronkites tomorrow (Saturday) at Woody’s Tavern (4744 Bryant Irvin Rd, 817-732-4936). Recommend for fans of the Eagles at their rockingest.

Tonight (Friday), catch Broken Social Scene with Fort Worth’s Telegraph Canyon in Dallas at the Palladium Ballroom (1135 S Lamar St, 214-373-8000). Tix are a paltry $20.

Also tonight: Bob Schneider, Odis, Charlie Shafter & The Gnomes at Granada Theater (3524 Greenville Av, 214-826-1885).