Cross Canadian Ragweed’s annual music festival in the Stockyards is always a blast, and this year’s lineup looks like another winner.

One of North Texas’ most exciting bands, Jonathan Tyler and The Northern Lights, will be performing. I love the CD cover from their 2007 debut “Hot Trottin,” and the album is kick-ass too.

Since then, Tyler has signed a record deal with Atlantic Records in New York, toured with Kid Rock and Lynyrd Skynyrd, won “best blues act,” “best male vocal,” and “best group” at the Dallas Music Awards, and is currently in the studio recording his Atlantic debut with producer Jay Joyce (Emmylou Harris, John Hiatt, Patty Griffin, Cage the Elephant) to be released later this year.


The Gourds is another personal favorite that’s scheduled for the CCR show this year, but there’s hardly a bad band among the entire lineup:

The Wallflowers, Randy Rogers, Robert Earl Keen Jr., Charlie Robison, Brandon Jenkins, Band of Heathens, Stephanie Briggs, Seth James, Micky & the Morotcars, Johnny Cooper, Whiskey Myers, Lucero, Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit, Bart Crow Band, and, of course, the always rocking CCR.

The 5th Annual Cross Canadian Ragweed Red Dirt Roundup is from noon to midnight on Sept. 6 in the “north 40” area next to Billy’s Texas.


  1. Jeff, that CD cover is ridiculously phony. Tyler’s TRYING to look haggard. Meanwhile, his hair’s perfect, his skin’s perfect, and his eyes are clear. What a fake.

    And I think you mean the Dallas “Observer” Music Awards.

    ANYWAY, I think it’s a shit and a shame that no — zero, none, nil — Fort Worth acts have been invited to perform, according to your list. What a slap in the face. Thanks, CCR. Jerks.

    (Tyler, BTW, hails from Dallas.)

  2. Anthony, take a Xanax for chrissakes.

    CCR doesn’t hail from this area, they are an Oklahoma-based outfit, so I can understand why they don’t really feel any obligation to scout for Fort Worth bands to jam with. I think they just put together killer lineups of musicians/friends that they like to kick around with.

    Even though Fort Worth-based bands were overlooked, most of the event’s performers have Texas roots. Seth James, in fact, was born in Fort Worth although he grew up in West Texas.

    As for Jonathan Tyler’s “phony” CD cover, this kid comes across as genuine to me. Check out this YouTube clip of a live performance (he obviously isn’t overly conscious about his hair based on this clip):

  3. Hahaha! I’ll take (another) Xanax.

    I’m not discounting Tyler’s sound. Just that damn cover photo that you and I continue fighting over! 🙂

    Anyway, we shouldn’t care where CCR is from, but don’t you think that if the band is doing a FORT WORTH show, some locals SHOULD be involved? Just a common damn courtesy. Here are some suggestions: Joey Green, Phil Pritchett, Stephen Pointer, 100 Damned Guns, Dove Hunter, Collin Herring, Whiskey Folk Ramblers, Jordan Mycoskie, Standard Transmission … the list goes on.

    And, yes, Jeff Prince, too.

  4. Dove Hunter might be a little too out there, and too rock and roll for that show. They would rock the mullets off of those folks.

  5. Griffey don’t you have a 3rd Bass cover to work on or something? Local or not (Randy Rogers is from Cleburne) FTW should be stoked that we host what can be billed as “The Texas Country Lollapalooza”. Although The Gourds, Lucero and Band of Heathens don’t necessarily fall in that category. It’s all about inclusion not exclusion.

  6. First of all what the heck does a piece of paper on a CD cover have to do with anything when we are talking REAL MUSIC and REAL PEOPLE?? Jonathan and those boys have worked their butts off to get where they are today and they deserve all the recognition in the world. They are good and it doesn’t matter who was born where and from where, I am sure the marketing people for CCR and Red Dirt lineup the bands that sounds best together and like playing together……..if anything JT should get more play time and all you people mouthing with negative need to zip a lip it certainly isnt JT’s band fault that no FW based band was in the line up, makes me wonder if your band didnt get the phone call???