We keep seeing all these studies ranking cities with all sorts of categories, and it often gives me tired head. But when we are #1 in some category, we like to take notice.


Men’s Health magazine did a study to find the city in the country that likes fast food more than any other. Here is what they found:



“We started our search for America’s fast-food addicts by tallying the number of McDonald’s, Burger Kings, Wendy’s, and Taco Bells per capita. Next, we factored in the percentage of people who visit fast-food restaurants (Experian Simmons) and those who consume fast food seven or more times a month (SimplyMap). Finally, we went to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for the number of people who are obese, and to see who’s eating the fewest fruits and vegetables.”

”Welcome to Arlington.”


No mention of the $60 pizzas at Jerry World.


  1. Why does this surprise anyone? Everything about Arlington sucks. It’s crappy fast food chains, masses of apartments & low rent tract homes. Who would want to live there? Oh! Now there Jerry world and the Rangers Ballpark within a mile of each other. That’ll be fun getting out of that traffic. Luckily I-30 is jacked to high heaven so it’ll be easy to move around post event… oh. wait…. no it won’t.

  2. indeed – Arlington is a nightmare. endless subdivisions filled with cardboard houses and six cars per house, junky particle board apartments, stripmalls and Applebees and office parks, sprawl like no other, all clustered around some sports facilities and a theme park. it is the definition of generic, soulless American sprawl. have fun with the nightmare traffic and BS around Jerry World since there’s no public transportation of any kind.