Earlier today, Dallas hosted a health care reform discussion with a joint appearance by U.S. Congressfolk Eddie Bernice Johnson and Pete Sessions. By all accounts, the usual astro-turf activist malcontents showed up outside with Hitler-mustachioed Obama pictures, babbling about “patriotism,” “socialism,” “saving the Constitution,” “taking back our country” – about everything, that is, but reform.

These Einsteins would rather have their health care rationed and their granny sentenced to die by private insurance companies who’re simultaneously screwing them to the tune of record profits. The reason? Cue robotic mantra: “The free market works, the free market works, the free market works…” I don’t think “Tea Party” is the best name for these gatherings of conservative lemmings. “Kool Aid Party” is more like it, because if Boehner, Cantor, et al ever give them the command, they’ll drain the paper cups pronto.

Happily, no one was packing heat outside the Dallas debate, and no one inside started screaming at Rep. Johnson about fascism. This suggests that Obama was right when he said that although the majority of town hall forums across the country have been relatively peaceful and productive, the roof-raising minority is getting all the broadcast time because “TV loves a ruckus.” I’m reminded of a priceless comment Jon Stewart made several “Daily Show”s ago: When Pres. Obama watches the more looney tunes moments of these town halls, Stewart wondered, “do our approval ratings fall in his eyes?”


  1. Jimmy F.

    Say what you want about, as you call them –

    ‘the usual astro-turf activist malcontents showed up outside with Hitler-mustachioed Obama pictures, babbling about “patriotism,” “socialism,” “saving the Constitution,” “taking back our country.” ‘

    It couldn’t matter a wit. You’re the guy who referred to Che Guevara as a “freedom fighter.”

    That amazingly ignorant utterance on your part excludes you as any sort of serious observer of any debate concerning issues of liberty or freedom.

    I also note here for any future readers your loathing of Lincoln. It’s easy to see the source of your jealousy as you are on the wrong side of this quote by our 16th president –

    “With some the word liberty may mean for each man to do as he pleases with himself, and the product of his labor; while with others, the same word may mean for some men to do as they please with other men, and the product of other men’s labor.”

    Yes, you would gladly line up with Che’s perverted interpretation of Linclon’s quote. Fimmy F., what is it you want to do with with other men, and why?

    What’s up with your need to control other men?

  2. From what I’ve seen, the violence is coming from the left, not the dissidents.

    Not to mention the calls for violence.

    Ah, the Bush years, when dissent was patriotic, the chill wind was blowing, and speaking truth to power was really, really, really dangerous!


  3. Jimmy and Carlos:

    You are indeed the socialist’s useful idiots. The thing is, people are waking up. The sleeping giant has been awakened. You may want to read the writings of Ezekiel Emanuel’s (Rham’s brother) or those of John P. Holdren. In case you are too lazy to do your research, John P. Holdren thinks that trees (yes, trees) should have legal representation in court. In addition, he believes that the environment is worth more than a human. This is evident in his books:
    1. Human Ecology: Problems and Solutions (1973)
    2. Ecoscience: Population, Resources, and Environment (1977)
    As for Emanuel, try reading these:

    If you really want to learn something, try this:

    Just trying to help you out. These are the people that are advising the president. These are the types of people that he surrounds himself with. This is how they think. You really want this Trojan Horse? Yeah, you probably do.

    By the way, when conservatives revolt, it is called “astro-turf.” When you libs revolt, its called “community organizing.”

    You people are a joke. Especially you, Carlos.

  4. Love the censorship here. So, Carlos threatens violence and I post writings of Emanuel and Holdren. Guess who gets censored. Me. This is a joke. Little Jimmy doesn’t want to be informed. Like I said before the socialists censored me: Useful idiots.