To the editor: Thanks to Chow, Baby for pointing out the absurdity of the patrons who wanted a complete redo of their meal at Jamaican Gates (“Ya Too Rude,” July 8, 2009).

I have lost count of how many times I have heard customers at different eateries request refunds or replacement meals due to their “dislike” of what they had ordered. I commend these people for taking the first steps away from low-sodium saltines.

However, I am frustrated by their lack of ownership over their own taste buds. As Chow, Baby said, if it is an ordering mistake on the patrons’ part, they should have to chalk it up as a learning experience and not burden the world with their long list of limitations. Jamaican Gates was kind to have replaced those dishes with ones sans cultural tones, but small operations like it should not have to bear the increased food costs or loss of profit due to customer afterthought.

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