Crude oil’s jump in price indicates the recession is weakening. That’s good. I guess.

The problem is, few people are receiving pay raises anymore. This article is one of many that claim pay raises in 2009 were the lowest in decades, and 2010 isn’t looking any better.

The biggest “pay raise” most people got was when the cost of gasoline fell more than a dollar a gallon and indirectly left more money in our wallets.


But if crude climbs and gas skyrockets to $3.50 a gallon again, all us working stiffs will be wadding up big chunks of our take-home pay and stuffing them into our gas tanks.

Meanwhile, Ford’s gas-saving Festa ECOnetic is being hailed overseas for its low emissions and whopping 65 mpg, and has been dubbed the UK’s greenest family car.

But you can’t have one.

Fortunately it’s Friday, and so all these worries will soon disappear, washed away into the cool ether, buoyed by a swift current of hops and barley.

P.S. — Just hearing “Ford ECOnetic” conjurs visions of Comic Book Guy saying, “Worst name ever.”