As much as I hesitate to admit this and ruin any fiber of credibility that I have, yes, I was one of the sad TV-aholics who was actually watching “Megan Wants A Millionaire” before one of its contestants, Ryan Jenkins, was linked to a grisly murder and suicide.

The show has since been canceled.

On the show, Jenkins and 16 other guys who claimed to be millionaires lived in a big house together and vied for the attention of Megan Hauserman, a superficial blonde sexpot looking for a rich guy to manipulate, er, marry.


Hauserman achieved a miniscule level of fame as a contestant on “Rock Of Love,” another ridiculous reality TV show that I couldn’t help but enjoy.

Rock star Bret Michael gave Hauserman the old heave ho, so to speak, but she apparently made an impression on somebody at VH1 and became the “star” of “Megan Wants A Millionaire.”

How could I resist this train wreck in the making?

The contestants had all proven that they had at least $1 million in the bank, but most couldn’t prove they had any brains or class. One muscle-bound contestant had become a millionaire by stripping. Another was a trust fund baby without an iota of common sense.

Anyway, after the first episode, Jenkins came across as one of the cast’s most normal and nice guys. He was my early favorite to win the girl and ride off into the sunset.

And, in fact, he might have won the girl. The show wrapped in March. VH1, so far, isn’t saying who won the hand of Megan.


  1. Thats not right that the show waas cancelled just because he decided to kill himself. thats his problem why should the public not be able to finish something we done started to watch. i really hope they don’t cancel i love money 3 because of him too because that really wouldn’t be right. and what was he doing on i love money 3 anyway, he got money supposibly

  2. Clary: “…why should the public not be able to finish something we done started to watch. i really hope they don’t cancel i love money 3 because of him too because that really wouldn’t be right…”

    WTF?? I guess a Ted Bundy or George Sodini reality show would be at the top of your favorite shows list too? A young woman is dead because of this man. It would be completely inappropriate and disrespectful to her family to continue watching that monster for your entertainment.

  3. Bear: Just because I watch TV dating shows doesn’t mean I’m not 100 percent he-man. I also write poetry and music. What do you have to say about that?

    You on the other hand obviously have some Freudian issues. After all, you chose as your user name “The Bear,” which is slang for a big hairy gay guy.

  4. Mandy maybe you should go to school and take a class in grammer instead of waisting time watching reality shows then you can post that you done started that too!

  5. You see the idea behind this show invites low lives and psychos. Of course Megan is a dumb blond who can’t realize that. This show is sick and disgusting, it should not be renewed. Anyone with a decent sense of morality would know this is despicable.

  6. Of course people like Redneck Hillbilly who has no sense of morality and is just a plain *** hole, likes this sick entertainment, despite two people getting killed over it.

  7. Hey Redneck Hillbilly … before telling someone that they are wasting (not waisting) time watching reality tv and to take a grammAr class, maybe you should learn how to spell 🙂

  8. I admit that if VH1 put this show back on or offered DVDs of it, I’d probably go out & purchase them. Knowing VH1, they’ll probably do just that. I can only hope that if or when they do, that they donate the proceeds to a charitable organization in Jasmine’s name.

  9. I like these VH1 shows because it’s like seeing the Grand Canyon, or a baboon’s butt, or a two-headed calf. Freaks of nature.

  10. I totally agree with you Jeff and Clary you are morbid! Of course they aren’t going to show it anymore or ever show I Love Money 3!

  11. How do you know this kenny, thanks for the info my curiosity got the best of me ont his one even though i couldnt stand megan. I am hoping VH1 will reshoot I love money 3 with the same contestants to give them all a second shot of winning considering the screw up on thier part.

  12. Clary they did not cancel it because he killed himself, but he brutally killed his girlfriend.

    Redneck Hillbilly it was Clary that posted the horribly worded post, Mandy just replied to it.