No doubt in response to the recent Rainbow Lounge raid, Fort Worth’s GLBT community will be turning the tables by “raiding” certain straight-oriented bars once a month. The inaugural “raid” is Friday at a bar whose name will be revealed to members of Guerilla Gay Bar Raid’s Facebook group (Google it) a day or two ahead of time. Participants will spread fabulosity at the select locale from about 9-11 p.m. The theme of the inaugural raid is “Red/Green or Martin Sheen.” Partygoers are encouraged to come dressed in red and/or green or like Martin Sheen. (“Think: camo, baby!”)



  1. It seems that “raid” would suggest a confrontational approach. If one is looking for inclusiveness it seems that their point would be well made by NOT attracting attention to themselves (intentionally). Thus demonstrating how well we can all get along! I’m just saying…..

  2. I’m not sure what “straight” bars have to do with all of this, but as long as the Gay Raiders drink up and tip well, all should be well.

    Or maybe it’s a martyrdom operation?

  3. My hunkie hunk partner Bruce and I are in the marines right now – we call ourselves gayrines :). We’re gonna take leave & party in these raids too from time to time! We met in bootcamp & have been in love ever since. We shower with the rest of the hunkie boyz we are with while deployed but are careful not to show our interest if you know what I mean. Bruce and I share cots too – and when we’re making love, we keep it really quiet so none of the other boyz hear. We think that as soon as we can serve as openly gay marines, the others will be sensitive and tolerant of us as they should be. Because Bruce and I are officers, we should be able to live in military housing as open & gay as we want, adopt children and send them to dept. of defense schools. Someday we’ll be able to live just like the straights and their families on base.

  4. The term “raid” is only used to imply “occupying” the bar for a little while. It is not meant to be confrontational. Quite the opposite, the Guerilla Gay “bar raiders” want to show predominantly straight bar owners and patrons that gay and straight can co exist in the same space without problems. Straight people go to “Gay bars” all the time, with gay friends or on their own. They are not hassled or hated as long as they are there to have a good time and be sociable. Quite often, gay bar patrons bring their straight family members to “gay bars” with them to meet their friends and see where they hang out. The majority of Gay bar patrons want the bar they hang out in to be open to anyone and free of hate. Predominantly straight bars should be the same.
    There is no reason a gay man and a straight man can’t enjoy having a beer together.

  5. That’s right Cowbooohhhy. My partner Bruce and I go to straight bars all the time even though we’re gay. When we want to be more comfortable & intimate though, we go to gay bars….then to a stall in the men’s room…or my place : )