North Texas neighbor, juvenile diabetes consciousness-raiser, and jailbait rocker Nick Jonas wore a suit yesterday when he spoke before a National Press Club luncheon in D.C. The 16 year old was assuming his laudable guise as activist to promote research for kids with diabetes, but he said something alarming: He “dreams of being president” one day.

Let’s hope an opportunistic publicist slipped him this line to deliver. Don’t get me wrong – Dallas celebutante and potential indictee George W. Bush has so drastically lowered the bar for Oval Office qualifications, there’s no reason why a literate, media savvy boy band musician shouldn’t get a chance. I suspect with the Bros’ hectic touring, recording, and promotion schedule, however, Nick has yet to witness the crushing 24/7 cable news clusterfuck that sadly dominates media presidential coverage. A quick viewing would mercifully kill his political ambitions before they have a chance to grow.

I think Nick should aim higher than U.S. president and shoot for wealthy, politically committed rock ‘n roll elder statesman a la Don Henley. He could quietly fund his fave causes and avoid dumb-ass town hall voters, the career-minded Washington press corps, and the general public’s craving for, um, you know.


  1. Right now, all he has to worry about is teenyboppers and dumb-ass, easily duped Obama voters.

    Or are they one and the same?