Despite my sky-scraping IQ, keen insight, and all-around cleverness, I’m not always right.

In the 1970s, I wore striped bellbottom pants with a fringed leather jacket, and considered punk rock an abhorrent flash in the pan.

In the 1980s, I supported Ronald Reagan, and regularly had unprotected sex (not with Reagan).


In the 1990s, I declared LeAnn Rimes a flash in the pan, and I voted for Ross Perot for president.

In 2000, I loaded up on tech stocks at what would eventually be considered the height of the bubble.

Of course, I got some things right during those years as well (none are coming to mind right at this moment). But making mistakes is something I’ve never been too busy to find time to do.

Opening my mouth and inserting my foot are two acts I will gladly subject myself to in repentance for a July blog post in which I proclaimed that HBO’s 4th And Long reality TV show winner Jesse Holly would be among the first players to be cut by the Dallas Cowboys.


The wide receiver who won the reality TV competition to nab a spot on the 80-man roster appears to have survived the team’s recent moves to reduce the roster.