Well, it’s taken me several months to finally get on Blotch, the new version. My computer simply wouldn’t let me login. But the quick thinking staff at the Weekly came to this Luddites’ aid and here I am. Of course now that I’m here I was going to write about Whitney Houston, the Halliburton Loophole and everything else that the rest of the staff has decided to write on today.
Okay. So I’m late to join the game. Sorry all. But I’m here to put you on notice that Blotch just got a little more dangerous, to steal a line about me from Eric Griffey.
And I will find something to add beyond just nonsense like this.
Take this for instance: It’s 4:51 PM and I-35 both south and north are at a standstill. Loop 820 hasn’t moved in 15 minutes.
Ha! Take that Jeff Prince, Jimmy Fowler, Dan McGraw, Anthony Mariani, Jimmy Fowler, Betty Brink and Kristian Lin. Just putting you on notice that I have done an end-around to bypass the roadblocks put in my way and now that I’m here, I expect to….well, kick some Fort Worth Blotch Ass!


  1. We all look forward to reading your 3 a.m. whiskey-fueled rants, although surely they’re not as effective without hearing your New York accent and tobacco-stained rasp.