Labor Day is this Monday and you know what that means: Jerry Lewis and his Muscular Dystrophy Telethon will be on the boob tube for hours on end.

I love watching Lewis at the end of the show, half out of his mind with exhaustion and god-knows-what in his blood system, babbling on outrageously.

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Anybody who watches the entire telethon deserves some sort of medal – or a psychological examination.

But if you’re going to tune in, try to be in front of the TV for the regional MDA broadcast at about 5 p.m. on Monday, hosted by local news anchor Mike Snyder.

Joe Kuban, the Nolan High School teacher who died of Lou Gehrig’s Disease earlier this year, will be featured on the program, along with many of his family, friends, and former students.

“Mike Snyder has asked Joe’s wife, DeLane, to gather a representative group of family, students, band members, and educators, and we will all be on some kind of panel discussing Joe, his disease, and I assume the role the MDA played in his life,” Joe’s brother, Frank, said this afternoon. “Hope you can tune in. The MDA was extremely helpful to Joe and DeLane in the final years of Joe’s life, equipping their van with all the wheelchair access stuff, (ramps, automatic doors, etc.), being involved in the provision of nursing care, and provided many other helpful services.”


  1. Not a bad call… 4pm Eastern time, he just compared with one of his crew (Stage Manager?) as “Eva Braun” and said she had a (large) “Swah-Schtikah” tattooed on her [backside].

    Nothing but class, Jerry.

    Then he introduced a ventriloquist. Some television moments are timeless.

  2. Forget Jerry Lewis, the real psycho on the regional broadcast was that babbling buffoon Mike Snyder. He was a joke as a host. That guy is a major league tool and shouldn’t be allowed to host telethons because he makes most people want to turn the channel.