People bitching about the high cost of parking at the new Dallas Cowboys stadium might want to consider the “Shuttle Deal” at J. Gilligan’s, 400 E. Abram St., in Arlington.

If you go to Gilligan’s before the game, order a cheeseburger, nachos, or any menu item, then you can get a ride to and from the stadium for $5.

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The woman who told me about this asked me not to spread the information around — not many people know about the deal and she’s afraid that huge crowds of people wanting rides to the game will overwhelm the restaurant.

But the restaurant is billing the shuttle deal on its website, so I wouldn’t really call this a secret.


  1. You might also check Sherlock’s in Lincoln Square – they have a shuttle to the ballpark, maybe they’ll have one for the cowboys as well.

  2. Just an update for you. Humperdinks offers free parking with purchase at restaurant. The shuttle is 10 a person round trip. And lincoln square the parking with the reciept. They have 2 shuttle stops in the shopping center. This is also 10 a person roundtrip. They offer group discounts as well as discounts on reservations. The ballpark shuttle is free at lincoln square. But advise the penny pinchers to tip. Its free!!!!