Red flags popped up in my mind when the TV commercials promoting Jay Leno’s new primetime show for weeks on end were surprisingly unfunny.

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Then, I kept hearing about how Leno was going to bring back funny to prime time. More red flags waved. I wasn’t aware that funny had left, but I was downright shocked that somebody as droll as Leno was bringing it back, especially when he was having trouble making a 30-second commercial funny.

And then his debut came on last night and those red flags turned into huge, flashing, neon signs that said, “Seriously Unfunny!”

Wow, I thought Jimmy Fallon fell on his ass when he premiered his show awhile back. But Leno landed with a splat like I’ve never seen before.

His primetime show is about the same as his late night show, except less funny and without a desk.

The monologue was pitiful and the interview with Jerry Seinfeld a washout. The potentially barn-burning interview with Kanye West fell flat but was mildly interesting.

Last night, West was the biggest name in the news after snatching the microphone out of Taylor Swift’s hand as she was accepting an award on Sunday night, and then telling viewers that Beyonce should have won.

West later gave a half-assed apology on his blog site, which did little more than throw gas on the fire.

But last night he came out like a kicked puppy, mumbling how sorry he was, trying to keep from bursting into tears as Leno lobbed softball questions as gently as he could.

West said something about how hard it was to tour and make records and how he needed a break. And then the interview was over, and West put on his sunglasses and black leather jacket and got on the stage with Jay-Z and Rihanna and acted like a tough guy while he rapped about “an ass that will swallow up a G-strings / and up top, uh, two bee stings.”

What a joke.

The only thing remotely funny that happened for the entire hour was a video skit that didn’t even include Leno, a bit with Dan Finnerty singing to girl while she was getting her car washed.

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  1. Lots of things got proven during last night’s show. Jerry Seinfeld proved he lost his funnybone after his show went off the air in the 1990s. If you think I’m lying go see his bee movie.
    Kanye West proved he is a faker and a poser. Jay Leno proved he’s a not ready for prime time player. NBC proved they were full of crap by promoting this dog for months on end. They’d be better of bringing back Arsenio Hall!!!!