I caught most of the ultra-hyped Oprah interview with Whitney Houston (part two today at 4!), and I have to say – I really regret never seeing an episode of ”Being Bobby Brown.” (Jeff, do you have any copies lying around?). Kathy Griffin used to go on and on about the craziness of it – her impression of Whitney calling for her husband, “BobAAAY!”, is priceless – and now I’m pining for a show that’s ancient pop culture news to everyone else.

The chat with O was strange enough. Yep, Whitney said, Bobby was an abusive alcoholic. He painted evil eyes on the walls and furniture and cut my head out of family photographs. (“That’s when I knew something was wrong”). But me, I only did pot laced with cocaine. No crack for me. Never smoked from a pipe, O – I’m still a classy dame, still “The Voice.” In fact, I enjoyed reading the bible while high.

I’m all for kicking addictions and adopting healthy habits – could use a few of the latter myself. But if it’s not clear by now that receiving public absolution from the only-getting-creepier Oprah is no substitute for tough, private, non-televised sobriety work, then we’re all doomed. And in that spirit, I’d like to suggest a drinking game: Watch the interview, and take a shot every time Houston mentions God. You’ll be on the floor long before Winfrey tells her guest: ”Go, my child, and sin no more.”


  1. I’ve never seen two crazier broads talking in my life. Whitney, you’re a drug-addled narcissistic has-been singer. Oprah you are, as the author said, growing creepier by the minute.

  2. Jimmy, I didn’t record any of those “Being Bobby Brown” shows but I watched every episode during its one and only season. The most surprising thing to me was that by the end of that first season, Bobby was a much more sympathetic figure than Whitney. He seemed more genuine than his wife, who came across as spoiled, bitchy, and higher than a kite most of the time.

    It’s no wonder that Whitney refused to appear in season two, which led to the show’s cancellation.

    There’s some great clips from the show on YouTube. Just search “Whitney Houston” and “Bobby Brown” and you’ll see some classic moments, including a family picnic with all the kids when Whitney tells Bobby she wants him to take her down by the river and “work me over.”