Don Young, the FW glass artist and watchdog, sent along a note today regarding the Chesapeake gas drilling display in the FW Public Library that he’s spoken out against. He said he’d received a call from Glenice Robinson, the library director, and that she said that after speaking with Gary Hogan–who recently lost a bid to take over the late Chuck Silcox’ seat on the city council–and a city staffer, she concluded that the exhibit presented a “sanitized” version of shale drilling. So, wrote Young, in the interest of presenting a more balanced look at gas exploration, she’s moved the display from the downtown library to the East Regional branch of the library, will open the library’s suggested further reading list to include a more balanced view of gas drilling; will screen the dvd video Dirty Ol’ Town in a continuous loop next to the exhibit, and is considering a public forum to discuss the issues related to the display.