I have an embarrassing confession. During my freshman year at college in the 1980s, I had a break in classes between 11 a.m. and noon and since there wasn’t much on TV back then I started watching “The Young And The Restless.”  That was my first time to see a soap opera and it seemed overly dramatic and poorly acted — but within days  I was hooked. (Remind me to never try crack cocaine.)

Video recorders were uncommon in the early 1980s and so recording shows wasn’t feasible. For the rest of my college days, I scheduled classes around Y&R as much as possible. Yes, I know, that’s sad.

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Once I left school and joined the workforce I forgot all about Y&R. But once every few years I’d happen to catch part of a show and was always amazed at how lead actors Eric Braeden (Victor) and Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) never seemed to age.

But time marches on. Braeden is apparently leaving the show after almost 30 years in that role.

Yes, I know, this isn’t important news. But Y&R is the only soap I’ve ever watched, and Braeden was the star, and now he’s gone, and I’m turning 50 this month, and where have the years gone, and is that all there is, and what does it all mean?

Oh well, I guess I’ll keep on reporting on Fort Worth news for a few more years until I die of a heart attack or high blood pressure.


  1. Own your soap opera past, Prince! I can hold my head up and proudly say I watched “Another World” in junior high and high school. That was when Anne Heche (aka Ellen DeGeneres’ crazy but quite talented ex) played — and I kid you not — a pair of twins, one good and one evil.

    When it comes right down to it, something like “The Sopranos” is just “The Bold and the Beautiful” with more bloodshed and a lot of “Fucks!” in the dialogue.

  2. Can only question Sony. Do they realize the impact of this? I, and many other Y&R viewers over the years, have adored Sweet Vic (SW). When he was shot recently, I said then, ‘if they let him die, I’m through with Y&R’. SW is the Y&R. Without him, the show is toast. I refuse to continue to watch it. Eric plays that part like no one else can. Other than his involvement, the rest of the story line is crap lately.