Well, Prince got it largely right regarding yesterday’s Cowboys’ game. I actually think they’ll come out alright  and be in the hunt near the end.But everyone is a professional team and every guy, or nearly, who plays on every team, was at least a High School All American–I know there are exceptions, but not many–and so even lousy teams are dangerous if you make as many mistakes as the Boys did yesterday.

But that’s yesterday’s news. Tonight it’s the Jets vs Dolphins. Now out here you might not think that means much, but to us former New Yorkers and to all the current New Yorkers and Miami folk this is one serious rivalry. It loses a little luster without Pennington tossing for Miami but it still kicks Monday night ass.

Me? I’m alone tonight. My ex has the younger ones tonight and they and she all have the flu–which, it turns out is my fault, but that’s why she’s an ex, eh?–and the older ones are are work and college. So I’ve got a red pepper roasting slowly and it’s going to go on a sesame hero with hot roast beef and pepperjack cheese. On the side is going to be a bag of spinach braised in garlic with a touch of olive oil and balsamic vinager. In the oven is a loaf of fresh banana bread (three bananas, couple of eggs, flour, quality vanilla, butter, dark cane sugar, fatless sour cream, walnuts, couple of other things and voila!) And in just a few minutes–after the goats, dogs, cats, birds, ducks and chickens get fed–that is going to be one fantastichot sandwich. To drool over. So start drooling. And forget about the banana bread: You would have to wait in line for a slice of that little heaven,particularly if you like it hot with fresh butter. Just letting you know, line up early next week.

Electric Starship Arcade 300x250

And then my NY Jets are gonna kick Miami butt. I’ve already professed that I’m not a prognosticator but what is the fun if I don’t go out on a limb? So let’s call it Jets 39–Miami 27. It won’t feel that close.

Unless I’m wrong, of course.